Kezar Music is located in Thief River Falls, a small Scandinavian community in northwestern Minnesota. Close to the Canadian border, Thief River Falls is famous for Arctic Cat snowmobiles, farming, and is where the Thief River joins the Red Lake river.

Thief River Music originated in Thief River Falls in 1922. Its name changed to Larson Co. during the depression years when purchased by Lars Larson. It was a diversified business, selling electric radios and appliances, along with musical instruments.

In the late 1940s, the business was turned over to Lars’ son, Justus Larson. He changed the name to Larson Music, and expanded the musical instrument department, boasting the largest inventory of name brand accordions, pianos and guitars in northwestern Minnesota. In 1952, Larson Music was the first music store in the state of Minnesota to take on the new line of Fender guitars and amplifiers.

In 1972 Justus Larson turned the reigns of the business over to his son Jon. He operated a broad based music store that had now grown into a full-line name-brand music store, adding recorded music, stereos, televisions, and car audio to the store inventory.

By the late 1980s Jon could see changing tides with the oncoming of big box stores. In 1990 he decided to sell. In the spring of 1991, he sold the business to Joe Kezar, changing the name to Kezar Music: Thief Rivers’ Music.

Over the past 25 years, Kezar Music has kept the name brand instruments that were acquired by Justus and Jon Larson, in addition to adding many more. Names like Fender, Guild, Alverez, Gretch, Johnson, Washburn guitars; Ludwig and Taye Drums; Conn-Selmer and affiliated band and orchestra instruments; Knilling stringed instruments; Suzuki Pianos, keyboards and much more.

In the fall of 1999, Kezar Music purchased a vacated church building, remodeled it and moved in the spring of 2000. This would be the fourth move for Thief Rivers’ Music in eighty-three years.

Joe Kezar has been committed to expanding the depth of the business, boasting the largest selection of musical instruments of any full-line store in northwestern Minnesota including guitars, amps, drums, pianos and keyboards, band and orchestra, including rentals, print music, sound and lighting, recording equipment and sound installation for schools, churches and home theatre’s. Kezar Music is very price conscious and realizes that to remain in this business requires a commitment to competitive pricing and an emphasis on customer service.

Kezar Music offers a wide variety of services for their customers. Music lessons, practice rooms, repair of band/orchestra instruments and guitars, are a few of the services that keep customers coming back. The recording studio keeps Joe, a veteran road musician, very busy. The employees at Kezar Music have a wide range of musical background from country to rock to old time and bluegrass, with instrumentation and vocals to match.

When Kezar Music moved to its present location, they were able to add an espresso bar called “Cup at Joez.” There is nothing better than to brew up a smooth-tasting latte, cappuccino or your favorite coffee of the day. Have a seat and let’s talk shop!


Kezar Music

315 Duluth Avenue N. 

Thief River Falls, MN 56701

Monday-Friday 10 - 7
Saturday 10 - 5